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How does sugar affect your teeth

How does sugar affect your teeth

Most of us are aware by now that sugary foods are bad for teeth but many of us may not know why that is so. Here is a little explanation of the same.

Did you know our mouth is full of bacteria? Some of those are good for us while others are not. These bad bacteria feed on the sugars in our food and create acids. These acids are harmful for the teeth as they eat into our tooth enamel, the outer layer of our teeth. And if not treated well in time they can cause bacterial infections which lead to tooth decay, cavities, toothache and eventually tooth loss in many cases.

Plaque formation is also due to sugary foods. Sugar can also lead to gum diseases which can affect both the tissues around the gum and bones beneath it. Research has shown that gum disease is linked to higher instance of coronary diseases. Bacteria that accumulate from periodontitis can cause blood clots that clog arteries.

Our mouth has inbuilt capacity to reverse these harmful effects caused by sugars. Minerals from the enamel and saliva generate minerals like calcium and phosphates which strengthen teeth. However it cannot fight this battle alone and needs our help. We can do this by eating sugary stuff like hard candies, potato chips, sodas etc in moderation and brushing and flossing post eating them.

How would one know if one is consuming too much sugar? Some sure shot signs of those are –

  1. Feeling tired too often
  2. Breaking out of acne
  3. You hardly ever feel full
  4. You feel down
  5. You have high blood pressure or cholesterol

We can increase intake of high fiber veggies and also fluorinated water to fight the bad effects of sugar.. Fluoride is a mineral that helps in repairing weak enamel.

Sugar-free gum can help to clean out your teeth. It also can assist you in producing saliva, which, as you’ve read, helps remove the coating of sugar from your teeth. So you can chew sugar free gum after eating. Basically one needs to ensure that one does not let sugar sit in one’s mouth for too long.

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