Dental Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful as well as a difficult time for most women. Women need to take extra care of themselves during this time to ensure theirs as well as their baby’s well being.
While most women do take care of proper nutrition, exercise and rest, many tend to ignore their dental health. So here we are with a few tips on how to take dental care during their pregnancy.

The first and foremost question which a dentist is asked generally is – does one really need to have a special routine for taking oral care during pregnancy or one can just do what one normally does? Well the answer is an emphatic YES, during pregnancy you need to take extra care of not only your teeth but also your gums and there is a perfectly good reason behind it too. The reason is that during pregnancy your body releases a lot of hormones and these hormonal changes increase the risk of you developing a gum disease which in turn can affect your baby’s health. Some studies have shown there is a relationship between a would-be mother’s dental problems and the weight of her new born. Because one consumes more carbohydrates and due to vomiting frequently during early stages of pregnancy the amount of acids in the mouth increase leading to more chances of tooth decay.

Well now that we have answered why oral care is especially important in pregnancy let us move on some do’s and don’ts.
1. Make sure you tell your dentist that you are pregnant (even if you think you are and its yet to be confirmed).
2. Tell the dentist about all medications you are taking.
3. According to ADA, if you’re pregnant and need a filling, root canal or tooth pulled, local anesthetics are, in fact, safe for both you and your baby.
4. The opinion is divided about dental x rays during pregnancy and you may consult your dentist for guidance.
5. It is important to go for regular dental checkups during pregnancy however elective dental work can be postponed for post pregnancy.

Here are some tips which may help you maintain good oral health –
1. In case you suffer from morning sickness or you find the smell of the toothpaste unbearable, then switch to a bland ADA approved fluoride toothpaste.
2. Brush your teeth twice a day and rinse your mouth with water (especially if you have morning sickness rinse your mouth with water thoroughly after every vomit).
3. Make sure you floss your teeth.
4. Be on the lookout for any gum inflammation or tumor like growths on gums (which is basically swelling not really a tumor and generally goes away on the birth of the baby). Contact your dentist immediately in case of any signs of the above.
5. Although sugar cravings are common in pregnancy avoid sugary snacks.
6. A baby also starts developing its own teeth in 3 months of pregnancy so make sure you eat a healthy diet for not only your teeth and gums but also for the proper growth of the babies’ teeth and gums.

We hope this blog answers some of your basic concerns about dental care during pregnancy. Contact us at 682-213-4114 for an appointment to know more. All major insurance plans accepted.

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