Dental Implants

No one likes losing teeth. Not only does it not look nice but also makes eating food extremely difficult.

In today’s world it is easy to replace the lost teeth with the help of bridges and dentures. You might remember the dentures either of your grandparents had.

These removable dentures came with their own set of problems. They sometimes moved or shifted while eating or talking and even caused sores in the mouth making them painful.

Thankfully with the progress in dentistry, patients have a newer better albeit tad more expensive option of dental implants.

So what exactly are dental implants?

They are like the foundation of a building. They are set in the jaw bone beneath the gums of the lost teeth on which the new artificial teeth are then fixed.

The advantage of dental implants is that one can get rid of all the problems associated with removable dentures like shifting teeth and sores explained above. Also the teeth look more natural.

Can anyone get an implant?

Yes as long as one has healthy gums and a strong jaw bone that can take the pressure of an implant. It may not be possible to have implants if the jaw bone is soft or of not adequate height.

There are different kinds of implants –

  • Endosteal implants — these are screwed inside the jaw bone.
  • Subperiosteal implants — these go between the gum and the jaw bone. (“What are Dental Implants”.)

A dentist will guide you on which type of implant is best for you. Dental implants are any day recommended over dentures because they are more stable. However they also require good care and regular dental visits. So if you lost a tooth and looking to replace it, think about getting dental implants. For more information contact Ensure Dental Care.

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