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Dentistry And The New Corona Virus

Dentistry And The New Corona Virus

Most of us had never even heard of the word corona virus before the advent of 2019. But it became the buzzword of 2020. While the whole world has been grappling with this hitherto unknown disease every one of us had to adapt quickly to the new at the same time rapidly changing situation. More people started working from home, schools went online and social contact came to an almost standstill. In fact there is no part of our lives which has not been affected by the corona virus.

Even dentistry is no different. While dental services were reduced to minimal and emergency services during the initial stages, dentists have made many changes to ensure not only safety of their patients but also providing regular and efficient services to their customers.

CDC recommended using additional infection prevention and control practices during the COVID-19 pandemic, along with standard practices recommended as a part of routine dental healthcare delivery to all patients. Separate guidelines were issued for treatment of a patient suspected of being Covid positive.CDC directed dentists to ensure provision of PPE kits and other supplies to their patients while treating them and incase the same were limited then prioritize dental care for those who needed it the most and who were most vulnerable if not treated quickly.

Some other important measures included –

  1. Telephone screen patients for any symptoms of Covid 19. If symptoms exist, delay or defer treatment and avoid non emergency treatments.
  2. Use teledentistry to provide care for patients.
  3. Limit patient visits and give dental appointments only those necessary.
  4. Advise patients and people coming with patients to wear a face mask.
  5. Post visual alerts at strategic places for cough etiquette, respiratory and hand hygiene.
  6. Provide alcohol based handrubs, alcohol tissues and no touch receptacles.
  7. Install barriers at different places to limit contact between patients and dentists/ dental staff.
  8. Remove items from the waiting room that are frequently touched like magazines, toys which cannot be regularly disinfected.
  9. Take temperature and document absence of any symptoms of Covid 19.
  10. Ask them if they have been advised quarantine because of exposure to any Covid 19 patient.
  11. Encourage physical distancing.
  12. All staff to take appropriate precautions and wear all safety gear while treating patients.
  13. Schedule appointments to avoid overcrowding in the waiting room.
  14. Seating in waiting room to have appropriate physical distancing.
  15. Educate patients on hand and respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette.
  16. Ensure all equipment and supplies used are sterile and disinfected after every use.
  17. Avoid aerosol generating procedures.
  18. Wear surgical masks, gown, eye protection and gloves during procedures which may involve splashing of bodily fluids.

These are some of the many guidelines issued to ensure patient safety and smooth delivery of dental services to maximum people. Do check out our website to know more about our services at Ensure Dental Care Saginaw TX or contact us at 940-274-3229 to book an appointment at Ensure Dental Care today. All major dental insurance in Texas accepted.