10 Bad foods for teeth

Everything that we eat has an impact on the health of our teeth. For maintaining healthy teeth we must make ourselves aware of what food is good for our teeth and what is not. Here is a list of few things to stay away from –

  1. Ice – Never chew on ice, it is hard and can chip and damage your teeth. Use ice only to cool your drinks.
  2. Hard Candies – Hard candies again can chip your tooth and the sugar in these candies can cause tooth decay. The lesser you have them the better it is for you.
  3. Carbonated Drinks – Sugar in the carbonated drinks also causes teeth to decay faster. Avoid them as much as you can.
  4. Coffee and Tea – Drinking too much coffee and tea can stain your teeth. Make sure you rinse your mouth and drink lots of water.
  5. Citrus fruits – Citrus fruits are acidic and the acids in them can harm the outer layer of the teeth. Have some water after eating citrus fruits.
  6. Sticky foods – Food like raisins, figs etc. can stick in your teeth while eating them. Make sure to rinse and floss after eating such things.
  7. Crunchy foods – Foods like potato chips have starch which can get trapped in your teeth and cause damage to your teeth. Floss your teeth to get rid of these.
  8. Alcohol – Excessive drinking can lead to reduced saliva flow which in turn can cause oral infections, gum diseases and tooth decay. Limit your consumption of alcohol.
  9. Sports Drinks – can have sugar and have the same effect as carbonated drinks.
  10. Bread – when we eat bread bits and pieces stick in between our teeth just like sticky food. Rinse and floss your mouth after eating such food.

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